Webinar: Towards a Mountain Trail Sustainability Ethic ~ Part 3 of 3 (RECORDING)



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A part of the American Trails Advancing Trails Webinar Series, Towards a Mountain Trail Sustainability Ethic is the third of a series of three on Sustainable Mountain Trails. Part 3 and 3 features interdisciplinary collaboration on complex projects and wilderness policy and how that affects trail implementation at Rocky Mountain National Park with our speakers Ian Brighton and Danny Basch; plus outstanding trail implementation work according to sustainability criteria from Boulder Mountain Parks and Open Space (presented by Greg Seabloom), as well as cutting edge examples of Ecological Restoration and processes to integrate that into the planning / design / implementation process from Restoration Ecologist John Giordanengo of AloTerra Restoration Services. Hugh will be today’s facilitator and bring synthesis to today’s topic: “Towards a Mountain Trail Sustainability Ethic.”

Each webinar in this series is independent of each other and can be attended individually.

These webinars are applicable to all natural surface trail systems. Please see the following link to the presenter’s hallmark document: Guide to Sustainable Mountain Trails – Trail Assessment, Planning, & Design Sketchbook, 2007 edition.

Learning Objectives:

1. Students will learn the importance of understanding the Trail Project Cycle, based upon federal land management agency guidelines and professional association ethics, while giving full consideration to all cogs of the cycle including Lessons Learned & Pitfalls to Avoid.

2. Students will learn about the role of Ecological Restoration in sustainable mountain trail projects, including who to consult and when, successful tools and techniques, establishing goals, processes, implementation actions sequences, as well as overviews of several Ecological Restoration Case Studies.

3. Students will learn the benefits of implementing trails which adhere to Mountain Trail Sustainability guidelines from Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, comparing them to legacy trails.

4. Students will learn the Sustainable Mountain Trails field-based (real project) Sketchbook / Workbook Training process, including identification of a curriculum, different methods of teaching, requirements for students to make a presentation at the conclusion of the training, and how this might benefit their trail program.

5. “What Role Will You Play?” Students will be challenged to consider the need for their hard work, as well as continued education / enhanced training / New Partnerships, and New Tools & Techniques to enhance the Sustainable Mountain Trails community.

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See a full description and the presenters’ bios HERE.


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