Natural Surface Trails by Design


Physical and Human Design Essentials of Sustainable, Enjoyable Trails. By Troy Scott Parker


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by Troy Scott Parker

This groundbreaking book explains the real keys to all types of natural surface (soil, rock, crushed stone) trails. For any trail use or location, it builds the critical foundation of a system of thought that can generate a sustainable, enjoyable trail. And it can forever change the way you look at trails.

Eleven concepts explain natural surface and crushed stone trails

This first book in a series captures much of the detailed knowledge of skilled trail designers. It presents eleven generative concepts as the foundation for a concise process that explains, relates, and predicts what actually happens on all natural surface trails. The concepts cover the essential physical and human forces and relationships that govern trails—how we perceive nature, how trails make us feel, how trail use changes trails, how soils and trail materials behave, and how water, drainage, and erosion act.

The real power of the concepts, however, is in their interaction. Together, they create a powerful, flexible system of thought for generating sustainable, enjoyable, and appropriate natural surface trails.
Thoroughly illustrated with 140 color photos and 46 drawings, this book:

  • introduces a three-level system of thought encompassing all aspects of trail design, construction, maintenance, and management; and
  • thoroughly covers the Foundation Level, the critical base level that supports the higher levels in the system.

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