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By Dick Dufourd 

Great Trails: Providing Quality OHV Trails and Experiences is the definitive book about planning, designing, constructing, managing, and maintaining an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) trail, trail system, or area.  It is a big statement to make, but the book is loaded with content to back it up.  The guidebook was written for land managers as the primary audience, with the secondary audience of anyone who works on OHV trails, whether as a volunteer, a private land owner, or agency personnel

This is not your average textbook! Great Trails is a 364-page volume written in an easy to read (and understand) narrative style.  The guidebook contains over 1,000 photos plus over 50 additional illustrations, charts, and graphs.  All of these visual tools help readers to understand the concepts discussed in the guidebook.  There are also special sections including: A Closer Look, which describes a concept in greater detail; A Second Look, which takes another look at a topic from a different perspective; Case Studies, examples which illustrate points; A Look Back, a summary of the points in the chapter; Need More, a list of references; and a section called Tips, Tricks, and Traps, which, as you probably guessed, a tip, a trick or misconception, or a trap that will take you down the wrong path.

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