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Help our Nepalese friends improve trail infrastructure and restore tourism to their region

Nepal Symposium

At the 2015 International Trails Symposium, American Trails and Symposium attendees came together as a worldwide trails community to show support for our Nepalese friends. Your support is also needed to provide critical technical assistance as they work to recover and redevelop damaged sections of their Great Himalaya Trails.

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Donate $10, $25, or more to help restore Nepal’s trails, critical transportation system, and tourism.
Even a $10 donation from each attendee will ensure we meet or exceed this fundraising goal.

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Nepal delegation was missed

A delegation from Nepal had planned to attend the American Trails International Trails Symposium in Portland, Oregon this past May. They looked forward to sharing their experiences from the Great Himalaya Trails (GHT) and exchanging best trail practices from around the world. We all looked forward to learning from them and sharing solutions for success.

Unfortunately, this plan was derailed when Nepal was hit with a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, 2015.

Nepal: update on Earthquake
The earthquake caused damage and widespread destruction, displacement of people from their homes, caused fatalities, triggered many landslides, and did major damage to the Great Himalaya Trails – a major lifeline for the Nepalese people.

Nowhere on earth are trails more critical to a devastated population.

The Great Himalaya Trails
The Great Himalaya Trails (GHT) is a network of trails that makes it possible to hike in the Nepali hills and mountains, including in the popular trekking areas of Everest and Annapurna to more secluded, as well as populated areas. The GHT is the banner that covers the entire Nepali Himalayas. Along the trails, you’ll find big mountains, astounding vistas, welcoming villages and a unique personal challenge.

Those who have trekked along the GHT have called it a spiritual journey. Tourism will play a large role in re-building, and one of the best ways to support the Nepalese people is by planning a holiday to this beautiful country in the very near future. Visit the Great Himalaya Trails Instagram page to view photos along this “network of extraordinary journeys”…

Learn more…
The earthquake has captured the attention of the world and Samarth-Nepal Market Development Programme (NMDP) has collected some resources that explain the earthquake, its impact and the work being done to re-build the affected areas and specifically tourism in those areas. Read a variety of resources to learn more…


Support needed
As per a request of support from Samarth-Nepal: American Trails, the Professional TrailBuilders Association (PTBA), and the World Trails Network (WTN) are all in the process of raising funds and/or securing resources to send trail experts over to assist with assessing trails and providing technical assistance on how to improve/redevelop trails for sustainability, as well as to maximize the trekking experience in order to restore and further develop tourism.

Things we can collectively do
We have the opportunity to send several trail experts from the Professional TrailBuilders Association who are willing to volunteer their time to provide critical assistance. We need to cover travel expenses to get these trail experts to Nepal; our Nepalese friends are able to cover all in-country expenses, including room and board.

Time is of the essence. They are requesting our experts arrive this fall. As a supporter and advocate for trails across the world, we are asking you to make a donation toward this collective cause and to pass along this request to others who may be interested.

Leave a meaningful legacy
Please join us in this collaborative effort by donating $10, $25, or more to help restore Nepal’s trails and tourism. Even a $10 donation will help.

Thank you for your ongoing support for our Nepalese friends in their time of need.